Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids began as a small idea that has slowly been growing.

I learned to cook as a small child by just spending time in the kitchen with my mom, and my kids are growing up doing the same thing.


For me it wasn't something I thought much about, until I spoke with other mom friends and realized that a lot of other kids don't have that same experience. A lot of my mom friends didn't have that experience as children themselves and, therefore, do not spend time with their kids in the kitchen teaching them to cook. The more I heard this from people, the more it made me think and it made me a little sad.

Cooking with my kids is something I am extremely passionate about. Cooking is such an important skill that comes with so many added benefits including being a great stress reliever, boosting confidence, bringing your family closer together, boosting creativity, being cheaper than eating out, and often times being healthier than eating out.


I know a lot of people lead busy lives and think they just don't have the time or the know-how to cook at home. I also know a lot of parents who do not enjoy cooking with their kids because kids make messes and it takes extra patience. I get that! But let me tell you, messes can be fun! (Also, you can just teach your kids to clean up the messes and do the dishes and you don't have to worry about it at all.) In all seriousness, though, you just have to go into it with the mindset that messes and mistakes will happen and that you may lose patience with your kids from time-to-time, AND THAT IS OKAY! Maybe start small and pick a couple of days a month, or one day a week to carve out time and cook with your kids. It will be worth it and it will get easier as you find your groove.

These videos are a way for me to show the world that cooking with kids is not as difficult or scary as it may seem. Yes, there will be messes and mistakes, but that is all part of the process and, honestly, part of the fun! So enjoy the videos and blog posts and give cooking a try! I think you will find it fulfilling and worth it.

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